Science Journal for Kids adapts UC Berkeley study to make it kid-friendly

Photo of child on computer reading STEM materialw
Brianna Luna/Staff
Science Journal for Kids values the social justice implications of the papers it chooses to adapt, as well as the scientific contributions of women and minorities, noted John Harte, campus professor and Science Journal for Kids advisory board member.

UC Berkeley researchers and Science Journal for Kids adapted a paper that found associations between redlining and emergency department visits for asthma to make the study more kid-friendly.
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Report warns Earth may be approaching an environmental tipping point

A group of 22 researchers from around the world are warning of imminent and irreversible changes to the Earth’s biosphere resulting from a combination of human population growth, mass consumption and extensive environmental destruction. The researchers’ report, published Thursday in “Nature” magazine, was headed by Anthony Barnosky, professor of integrative
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