‘We need to stand together as tenants’: Protesters oppose 1921 Walnut St. eviction

Photo of 1921 Walnut protests
Theo Wyss-Flamm/Staff
Because of UC Berkeley's plans to demolish 1921 Walnut St. to build campus housing for transfer students, the 1921 Walnut St. Association organized the “Save 1921 Walnut St.” protest outside of the apartment building Wednesday afternoon. As a response, UC Berkeley Capital Strategies spokesperson Kyle Gibson emphasized that throughout the relocation process for the building's tenants, campus will be accommodating.

For Paul Wallace, 1921 Walnut St. has served as his home for the past six years and is the only thing keeping him from experiencing homelessness during the pandemic, a reality that makes UC Berkeley’s notices of eviction particularly “infuriating.”
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Here’s who you should vote for in the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board election

CITY AFFAIRS: In the upcoming November election, Berkeley voters will elect new commissioners to the Rent Stabilization Board. Here's our take.

Berkeley is in the midst of a dire housing crisis, and now more than ever, the city’s Rent Stabilization Board has an incredibly important role to play in regulating rents and protecting tenants’ rights. This November, Berkeley voters have the opportunity to elect five new commissioners to the board. Berkeley needs commissioners who are going to fight for tenants’ rights. And those candidates are Alpert, Chang, Laverde, Poblet and Selawsky.
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