Lipstick-stained screen

All Growns Up

These women challenge the altar of systemic expectations. I know the women whose red kisses leave unwashable stains on the tapestry of society.
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‘Mad Men’ recap 7×11: ‘Time & Life’

As always, spoilers abound. On the bright side, Mad Men is now several months into 1970, and no one’s said the word “groovy” yet. On the not-so-bright side, episode 11 has us bid farewell to SC&P for once and for all: The agency is gone, dissolved into McCann-Erickson in a
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‘Mad Men’ season premiere recap, discussion

Note: this review contains spoilers. “Mad Men” is back and greeting a new decade head-on. The year is 1970, the men are mustachioed, and at SC&P, it’s business as usual — which means a return to casual sex, casual sexism and the neverending exploits of Don Draper. The first of
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On board for a darker, heavier ‘Mad Men’

Tuning into the season premiere of “Mad Men,” audiences might have expected another showcase of whiskey-soaked, midcentury cool from one of our dapper protagonists. Instead, “Time Zones” starts off in a room in Sterling Cooper & Partners, muffled by a gloomy, stifling winter sky. Freddy Rumsen (Joel Murray) stares us
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Feminist finds unlikely allies

Now, I’m not saying these guys are perfect. Far from it, in fact. I’m not even saying they’re feminists. That’s Ryan Gosling’s thing, and I wouldn’t dare try to steal any thunder from the demigod of male feminists. It would be idolatry and, I’d  have to answer to the high
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