Finding a dean for students

CAMPUS ISSUES: The search for a new dean of students must take into account the concerns of students and the needs of the administration.

While finding the right person to be UC Berkeley’s next dean of students is undoubtedly difficult, the search committee doesn’t have to look too hard to outline both the shoes the new dean needs to fill and this person’s role in tackling some of the challenges the campus faces. The
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Dialogue over division

CAMPUS ISSUES: Proposed changes to campus policies about public expression do not deal with the issue of a potential campus climate problem.

There is a fine line between protecting students from a threatening environment and restricting free speech. And as some pro-Israel and pro-Palestine students continue to clash at UC Berkeley, the campus faces an opportunity to productively address that dilemma. Recently, the campus administration announced a set of proposed policy changes
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Campus announces new ASUC Auxiliary executive director

Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard announced the selection of the new executive director of the ASUC Auxiliary last week. In a statement sent to members of the ASUC, Poullard welcomed current director of the Student Union and Event Services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Kelsey Finn as the
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