‘A privilege for the rich’: CA Supreme Court opposes cash bail

Photo of California State Supreme Court
trophygeek/Creative Commons

The California Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the current cash bail system Thursday — a decision that some feel could lead to numerous releases and a more just future for marginalized communities.
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Stay-away orders against Occupy Cal protesters disputed

This week, a dozen Occupy Cal protesters were issued orders to stay away from the UC Berkeley campus. Since many of those issued the orders are students, all 12 maintain their innocence, and none of the protesters have been convicted yet, concerns have been raised about the fairness of these
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Police Review Board meeting involves testimony of Nov. 9 protest

Videos and verbal testimony from the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protests were presented to the UC Berkeley Police Review Board by UCPD representatives and advocates for student and faculty protesters Monday night. At the public meeting, participants had the opportunity to explain to the board — which will eventually make  recommendations
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