Students may see third year without tuition hike, preliminary UC budget shows

Dean Ignacio/File
The proposed UC budget for 2014-15 maintains the resident undergraduate tuition level of $12,192. This freeze in tuition, which is part of a plan seeking to reinvest in academic programs that have been affected by cuts to funding, comes just a year after the passage of Prop. 30.

The UC may see its third year with no tuition hike, pending the approval of a preliminary budget for 2014-2015 that the UC Board of Regents will discuss next week.
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Overstepping boundaries

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The discussion surrounding the appointment of UC Student Regent-designate Sadia Saifuddin was disrespectful and failed to focus on her qualifications.

When former ASUC senator Sadia Saifuddin was appointed to the position of UC student-regent designate at this month’s UC Board of Regents meeting, what should have been a conversation focusing on the candidate’s qualifications devolved into a shameful spectacle. The conversation to approve Saifuddin failed to assess her preparedness to
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UC aims fundraising efforts at social media

The latest UC fundraising effort could have the university singing for dollars. The new program, called the “Promise Platform,” will turn students and young alumni into fundraisers by asking them to use social media to solicit donations from friends and family in exchange for promising to complete a given task.
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