Takeaways from kickoff of Cal football’s training camp

Cal football recently kicked off its training camp festivities Friday, and despite the limited scope of the team’s practices so far — the first practice in full pads is Monday — there have been quite a few important takeaways from what’s been on display for fans and the media so
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Cal football’s offense hinges on work of linemen

Sometimes, all it takes is one little improvement to a team that can lead to a massive improvement to the entire system. This is the case for Cal’s offensive line. But improving Cal’s performance in the trenches is easier said than done as it left much to be desired resulting
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Fall training camp preview: offensive line must improve

It’s a cliche, but games really are won in the trenches. Cal experienced the importance of good offensive line play last year. Or, to put that more accurately, Cal experienced the consequences of bad line play. Last year, the Bears ranked 115th out of 120 teams in sacks allowed with
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New sheriff in town: Sonny Dykes’ vision for Cal football

Five months into the job, Sonny Dykes envisions his program to go beyond winning football games. He wants to redefine what Cal football means to the Berkeley community.

Sonny Dykes has two young daughters at home, but when he arrives at work every day, he transforms into a surrogate parent of nearly 100 men. Before and after practice, he mingles with his players, cracking light-hearted jokes and dispensing life advice to his players. From the upper stands of
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Despite losing season, Tedford’s team supported him

Jeff Tedford was relieved of coaching duties Tuesday morning, according to Cal Athletics. However, throughout Tedford’s rocky final season at the helm of the Cal football program, his players remained optimistic and supportive of their head coach. “Coming from my standpoint, I’m behind him,” said freshman wide receiver Chris Harper last
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He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother: Jordan Rigsbee’s growth alongside his brother

If not for his brother's tutelage, freshman left guard Jordan Rigsbee might not be starting next to him.

In 1998, Craig Rigsbee, head coach of the Butte College football team, took his squad on a field trip. The Roadrunners traveled three hours south to Berkeley, where they, along with Rigsbee’s sons Jordan, 5, and Tyler, 8, attended a Cal football practice to see the speed and discipline of
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