Left side, strong side: Tyler Rigsbee’s final season at Cal

For Tyler Rigsbee, football is more than a passion — it's a way of life. But come December, he's ready to leave it behind for a radical change.

In Memorial Stadium, Tyler Rigsbee and the rest of the offensive linemen huddle around a bench on Cal’s southeast sideline when they aren’t on the field. They stake that bench as their territory, and they wait out the defensive drives. More often than not these days, each defensive effort feels
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Checking for problems in the Cal engine

LOS ANGELES — It’s becoming as predictable as a Mitt Romney gaffe. For the ninth consecutive year, the Bears were outmatched and outplayed by USC. Cal failed to shift their their car out of first gear, ultimately falling to the Trojans 27-9. The Cal offense resembles a 2011 BMW 740i
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