Yordano Ventura, Andy Marte latest victims of troubling trend

Major League Baseball has a major problem on its hands that requires immediate action. This issue revolves not around performance-enhancing drugs, gambling or hacking, but a substance which has become a staple in professional sports: alcohol. On Sunday, January 22, pitcher Yordano Ventura and infielder Andy Marte died in two
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The longest 90 miles

Sports with Sophie

This past Sunday was not the first time that José Fernández boarded a boat near the coast of Florida. He had done it four times before — all in an attempt to make it from his home country of Cuba to the United States where, once he had set foot
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Gone Too Soon

Years down the road, we will remember Jose Fernandez as a man who was taken from the earth far too soon. At the age of 24, he barely scratched the surface of his potential and was destined to be one of baseball’s brightest stars. We will remember him as the
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