Pokémon Go takes UC Berkeley by storm

Pokémon Go is an app that blends the real and digital worlds, tasking players to find Pokémon in their neighborhoods. The game is taking over the Berkeley campus, so we interviewed a few people about their experiences playing Pokémon Go.

The Finstagram

There is no shortage of rhetoric on the authenticity — or lack thereof — of social media. And no social media platform better reflects this claim than Instagram: an app in which image is quite literally everything. So what does the emergence of the cultural phenomenon of a “Finstagram” reveal
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Album reviews that describe UC Berkeley professors’ lectures

We all know that some professors view their lectures as pieces of art. Whether it be because of the colorful slides, the poetic language or the theatrical demonstrations, a good lecture can be a performance. But every professor is different, so we decided to pair several notable lecturers on campus with Daily Cal album
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Professors guess millennial slang: UC Berkeley edition

There’s no doubt that the professors at the best public university in the world are brilliant. But sometimes we wonder how much they really know about what’s happening in our world. Do they know what we mean when we call each other “bae” or when we say that their exams are hard “AF?” Inspired
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