Why I still keep a diary in my 20s

Although many kids tend to grow out of their diary-writing days, I — on the other hand — still fill most of my nights with pages and pages of entries to this day. Even at 22 years old, I keep a diary within close range, although I have definitely graduated passed puppies and pink feathers.
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Photo of Elise Kim

I miss you, do you miss me?

Things I Didn’t Say

I felt like I was in a constant battle between what I knew in my head was best for me and what my heart screamed at me to do, which was to tell him I had made a mistake, that I wanted him back in my life, that I still cared.
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Writing is living

Create to Connect

But now, I know that what is more important than being a good writer is to just be real. This is my mind and life: choppy, raw, inundated with detours and frolics, laughter and tears.
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Notes from our journals

Jan. 1 – Mana It’s officially 2016 and a fresh beginning. Normally, the start of a new year would scare me, but it doesn’t anymore. Now it feels more exciting, as if I have so many opportunities and adventures coming my way. Jan. 2 – Mana I remember growing up with board games and
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