In the midst of a critical condition

There is a reason nobody makes films about arts critics. Even the closest thing we have, Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous,” has far too much sex, drugs and designer mod dresses to ever be considered an accurate reflection of the modern arts journalist. And that’s because we aren’t really journalists. We
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Off the beat: Reporting on four wheels

I was told upon coming to UC Berkeley that I should take a reduced course load — learning how to live halfway across the country in a wheelchair would occupy enough of my time. After one semester of following that well-meaning advice, I decided my life was a little too mundane,
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Broken news

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Fareed Zakaria’s act of plagiarism breaks trust and sheds light on the danger of laziness and hastiness in today’s digital media age.

Integrity is an important aspect of society, and an essential one for journalism. The public has faith in the media, and the media must, in turn, respect and honor that trust and not abuse its power. Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host and Time editor-at-large, broke that trust when he plagiarized in a Time magazine column on gun control, an act he admitted to on Friday.
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Daily Cal’s additional day of print fares poorly in summer

Paper will print on Mondays, Thursdays until beginning of fall semester

Next week, The Daily Californian will return to producing two papers a week for the remainder of the summer. At the beginning of June, we increased our days of print from two to three in an attempt to bring in incremental revenue to offset a multitude of fixed costs —
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Daily Cal to increase print days over summer

Paper to come out Monday, Tuesday and Thursday starting June 4

Summer is traditionally the most difficult time of the year for The Daily Californian. With just two print editions a week, advertising revenue goes down, fewer students stick around to produce the paper, and readers see our print product less frequently. But we still have a multitude of fixed costs
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We couldn’t have done it without you

The Daily Californian staff was thrilled to hear Friday afternoon that the ASUC Judicial Council ruled in favor of the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative, ending weeks of uncertainty about the future of the newspaper. The referendum process proved to be a much more taxing battle than we could have foreseen, yet because
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We need your help

For 141 years, this paper has been a regular fixture on campus, informing students of the most important issues affecting our community. Starting today, students will head to the polls to vote on whether a $2 semesterly fee is worth sustaining The Daily Californian for five years, in the most
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Media cannot be caged

BART suggests creating a “media area” during protests, but it is not the role of police to protect reporters in this way.

The role of a journalist is not to obstruct but to remain a fly on the wall and a diligent observer. A reporter’s primary objective is to disseminate accurate accounts of current events to the public, and to inform without bias. But to restrict a reporter’s ability to follow the
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