Free AC Transit proposal passes council, faces uncertain future

photo of an AC transit bus
Sydney Chang/Staff
Berkeley City Council passed a budget referral Nov. 9 with plans to allocate $500,000 toward fare-free AC Transit. If approved as an amendment to the budget, the referral would help increase ridership, minimize traffic and curb carbon emissions.

The city of Berkeley took the first steps toward providing fare-free access to Sunday AC Transit bus rides originating in the city — garnering qualified support from many but facing an uncertain future.
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Here’s how you should vote in the state and county elections

STATE ISSUES: There are several critical seats up for election this November. Here's our take.

This November, Berkeley voters have the opportunity to bring their city new representation at the state level. There are several critical seats up for election, including governor, secretary of state and state Assembly member in the 15th District — and Californians must to do their civic duty by showing up to the polls.
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