Public art project positively depicts Occupy protesters

Twentyfourth Street was barren.  Two 25-foot photographs pasted on the side of the New Parkway Theater in Oakland were torn asunder.  Their faces incomplete, half-formed, had been disfigured by the rain, the tattered remnants swung idly to and fro, like paper pendulums signaling the apocalyptic end of an uproarious revolutionary
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Yudof to launch investigation into policing protocol

UC President Mark Yudof announced Tuesday that he will launch a systemwide investigation into policing protocol on all 10 UC campuses in an effort to identify and amend policy in respect to protests. Yudof said he intends to provide a comprehensive report of what happened Nov. 18 at UC Davis,
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ASUC to discuss bill in support of protests against potential tuition hikes

Bill presented after UC student regents present on university's budget crisis

 Shortly after the UC student regents presented on the financial crisis facing the university, a bill supporting rallies protesting potential tuition hikes was proposed to the ASUC . SB 118 — also called the “Bill in Support of the November Days of Action” — supports a walkout and noontime rally
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