La vie en Lizzo

Kind of chaos

The year 2016 was supposed to be one of infinite promise. I turned 19 harboring the secret belief that it was an auspicious age.
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Sparkling blood orange juice

It seems like we’re constantly stuck in “flu season.” I think every college student experiences that moment when they’re sick as a dog and realize how much they really miss their mom. But I’ve got good news — it’s finally citrus season! Blood oranges have been shown to reduce the
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Fall food finds at Trader Joe’s

The leaves are falling and shops are stockpiling their shelves with candles titled “Autumn Cinnamon Strudel.” All of these are clear signs that fall is upon us. Time to break out your coziest flannel and hop in line for those pumpkin spice lattes. But if you’re looking for those extra
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