Stipends debated, then approved at final senate meeting

Taryn Erhardt/Senior Staff
At the ASUC discussion on Wednesday night, the stipend of Academic Affairs Vice President Julia Joung was reduced.

At its last meeting of the semester Wednesday, the ASUC Senate approved stipends for executives and other officials — decreasing the stipends for some officials for whom the financial committee deemed a subpar fulfillment of duties. Of the five ASUC executives, the stipend of Academic Affairs Vice President Julia Joung was
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A necessary campus resource

CAMPUS ISSUES: Keeping the Student Learning Center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will provide a much-needed space for students.

A typical UC Berkeley student will eventually need to pull an all-nighter at some point. And for most of the school year, libraries and other widely accessible campus study spaces generally close well before dawn. But now, students finally have a place where they can study as long as possible.
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ASUC executives reflect on their offices’ goals

As the academic year comes to a close, a new set of ASUC executives is preparing to enter office and work on their campaign platforms. The five outgoing executive officers have achieved some of the goals they campaigned on, but others remain incomplete. Although each came into office with his
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Farrakhan and UC Berkeley’s free speech fallacy

The Devil's Advocate

It’s surprising that UC Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, is unable to handle free speech. I’m referring to, most recently, the widespread hysteria over the Black Student Union’s decision to host the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan at UC Berkeley. Farrakhan, one of six speakers scheduled
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ASUC reroutes buses to Sacramento

ASUC External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman sent an email to the campus community inviting students to lobby with Student Regent Alfredo Mireles, Jr. in Sacramento in lieu of the UC Board of Regents, which was postponed due to threats to public safety. Buses that were originally going to take
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DeCal aims to involve students in Operational Excellence

In an ongoing effort to increase student involvement in UC Berkeley’s cost-cutting Operational Excellence initiative, student government leaders will launch a new DeCal class in September that will give students the option of working directly on initiative projects or conducting research projects. On Sept. 6, about 20 graduate and undergraduate
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Students must be properly represented

Berkeley is one of the most distinguished, progressive and diverse communities in the world. This is a legacy of which we residents are very proud: Not only is our city home to what is arguably the best public university in the world, we have a defining history of diversity, activism
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