June 5 Election Endorsements

So you’re not going to vote on Tuesday? You say primary elections don’t matter? Yes, President Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee, and Mitt Romney has already sewn up the requisite number of delegates on the GOP side. Dianne Feinstein is sure to be the Democratic nominee for Senate
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Smoke and mirrors

A $1.00 cigarette tax to fund cancer research benefits all Californians — smokers and nonsmokers. Vote ‘yes.’

When Philip Morris is spending more than $27 million to defeat a ballot measure, that’s a sign you might want to vote the other way. Proposition 29 is relatively straightforward. If passed, the cigarette tax in California will be increased by $1.00 per pack — and an equivalent tax will
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B true to your schools

Vote ‘yes’ to impose a $48-per-year parcel tax to support our struggling local community colleges in Alameda County.

We are not alone. Consumed by talks of University of California budget cuts and tuition hikes, we sometimes forget that the UC system is not the only institution of higher education in the state that is suffering. Measure B aims to alleviate the financial difficulty of the Peralta Community College
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On good terms

Vote ‘yes’ to allow state legislators more time in office to gain valuable experience and contacts — and to serve you.

Proposition 28 is admittedly confusing upon first read. Called the “California Change in Term Limits Initiative,” the constitutional amendment would both extend and limit term limits. Let’s break it down. Currently, state Assembly members can serve a maximum of three two-year terms and state senators are allowed no more than
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