Student leaders must speak up

This spring, students voted for a bold new vision for the ASUC. Assumptions were challenged, an entrenched majority was uprooted and new voices were chosen to breathe life into our student government. I campaigned as a student, an activist and an advocate. I was democratically elected to serve as executive
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Shared burden for Lower Sproul

On Sproul redevelopment, campus must start to meet students halfway

With the start of the fall 2012 semester, we, the students and the campus, began a process of physically transforming the landscape of UC Berkeley. Beginning with the passing of the B.E.A.R.S initiative in spring 2010, we voted to raise our own student fees to the tune of $124 million
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Cal Lodge conundrum

CAMPUS ISSUES: In order to become a more valuable asset for the ASUC, Cal Lodge needs to become a location that is widely used in the summertime.

Cal Lodge has struggled for far too long. The ASUC-managed property near Lake Tahoe provides a great retreat location for UC Berkeley students and others, but in recent years, it has lost a considerable amount of money — the ASUC estimates that the lodge lost upward of $27,000 last year.
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Transforming Cal’s campus

Every student should care about the Lower Sproul Plaza project

I often eavesdrop on tour guides as they lead doe-eyed groups of prospective students across campus. “Does anyone know what UC stands for?… No one? Under Construction.” The joke is lost on the nervous students, but I chuckle to myself as I think about how true the statement is. What
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ASUC report card


My grades are in for this year’s ASUC fall report card. As ASUC terms normally go, the fall semester did have its share of blunders, but those mistakes are more due to a structural weakness in the ASUC than the shortcomings of any one elected official. This report card is
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