Hey, Cube Entertainment? We’ve got beef

Work in Progress

I love music enough to create it, to write about it, to critique it, to consume it at all hours. It’s exciting to see K-pop rapidly grow in popularity, inspiring non-Korean fans to become acquainted with a culture they may not have known much about otherwise.
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COVID-19 International House UC Berkeley Campus Conversation

Glimpse into the I-House community

We at the Clog had the pleasure of catching a glimpse into the seemingly insular community at the International House. They were having their weekly coffee hour and the featured country was Korea. With K-pop blasting in the background and eager revelers crowding around the calligraphy table, I-House proved anything
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Seventeen’s unique artistry shines in K-pop world

Just four months ago, Korean boy group Seventeen debuted with an EP that shot to Billboard’s international chart’s top 10. Already, the band is back with its second EP, Boys Be, and in the short time that’s passed, the members of Seventeen have evolved into mature artists with a unique
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Tunesday: A tour through K-pop

A rising star in global charts, Korean music is quickly becoming a more international scene. Getting into K-pop can involve a lot of work, so if you need a quick tour of some of the best songs the industry has to offer, take a break from studying and browse through
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