Democratic presidential candidates as UC Berkeley students

The U.S. Democratic presidential race is heating up… and getting crowded. Since there are so many candidates, we at the Clog would like to help you get to know and differentiate the candidates in a familiar way, by judging them based on who they would be if they were students at UC Berkeley today.
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Woman stands before microphones with the American flag behind her.

A historic candidacy

Kamala Harris’ campaign brings presidential promise to the Bay Area

As early as 6 a.m., eager supporters began filing along Broadway in anticipation of Harris’ historic announcement at noon. Harris’ candidacy comes nearly 50 years after Representative Shirley Chisholm — the first Black American and the first woman to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination — ran for president in 1972.
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Students must advocate for farmworkers’ equal rights

Agricultural industry representatives acknowledge the fragility of a food system that depends on migratory labor and undocumented farmers who work under temporary or unsafe circumstances and are in need of a more sustainable solution. United States policies systematically exclude agricultural workers from labor protections, pose a significant barrier for political advocacy and ultimately lock them in a vicious cycle of economic, political and social vulnerability.
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