Cal men’s golf player Shotaro Ban clinches US Amateur berth

Fresh off a win at last month’s California Amateur Championship, rising senior Shotaro Ban added another accomplishment to the successful summer he’s experienced in individual competition, as he earned a berth Monday to compete in his first U.S. Amateur. The stakes were high but certainly rewarding and worth the struggle.
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Confessions of a displaced Jayhawk

“Damn.” All parents have that story of their child’s first time cursing. “Taylor! You can’t say that!” To which four-year-old me responded, “I know Mommy. It’s only OK when I’m watching Kansas.” Boy, did my dad get in trouble for that one. March Madness has been in my blood since
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We’ve found Carmen Sandiego

Life in the Matrix

Here I am, standing in the street. There’s a brisk chill in the air from a crisp wind. Around me I see Victorian-style houses made of boards, with turrets, steep tile roofs and stairs leading up to their doors. Some of the houses have attic windows which are mysteriously propped
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