UC Berkeley’s Disabled Students’ Program can be source of frustration for students with disabilities

Photo of UC Berkeley campus
Sunny Shen/File
UC Berkeley junior Tabitha Bell was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy as a child. Bell said she has not been entirely satisfied with her experience on campus, as she has run into problems with class accessibility, contacting Disabled Students’ Program administrators and getting handicapped-accessible parking.

UC Berkeley students with disabilities have struggled to obtain and utilize the accommodations they need from the Disabled Students’ Program.
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Person with a dog, person with a cane, and person in a wheelchair sitting and talking

UC Berkeley should create a disability cultural space

Wheeling to my very first meeting of the Student Coalition for Disability Rights, I was ecstatic to meet other disabled students and gather in a place I could eventually call home. UC Berkeley’s reputation of being the birthplace of the Disability Rights Movement was not lost on me, and I
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