Photo of Lauren Harvey

Who’s that girl?

Off the Beat

As much as I love to embrace the “New Girl” parallels, I have also learned to accept that the life I lead is one that is entirely my own. And there’s a certain beauty in that.
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To the Left

Public school curriculum is determined by state and local authorities. Each state has the power to pick and choose the information it feeds to its children.
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Lit with Lindsay: I was in Berkeley with my communist reader

I stumbled upon the class on accident while looking for a different room in Wheeler Hall — a classic freshman mistake. Fast forward a week later, and I found myself sitting in a circle with the professor and about five other students, clutching “The Communist Manifesto” and wondering how the
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Religion is not my opiate

Thinking theology

If religion is the opium of the masses, as Karl Marx famously suggested, I’m clearly going to the wrong metaphorical drug dealer.
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The liberal label

Subliminal Signification

During my first six weeks at UC Berkeley, I learned about the Zapatistas and their resistance to neoliberalism in Mexico in my Chicano studies class. My immediate reaction was, wait, isn’t liberalism good?
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