Graduate Assembly discusses police accountability, policy advocacy

Image of zoom call
Amudha Sairam/Staff
At a virtual Graduate Assembly, or GA, event titled "Analysis Pending Revolution" on Saturday, the GA led panels where experts discussed police accountability and advocacy. The event came in response to instances of police brutality against the Black community.

As a mother and a grandmother, California Secretary of State Shirley Weber expressed the pain she feels when faced with the stark reality of police violence in the United States during a virtual Graduate Assembly, event Saturday.
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Hands surrounded by flowers hold up flags signifying different gender indentities

Transgender individuals face violence every day. It’s on all of us to put an end to it

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS: Transgender people have been erased, excluded and attacked for years. All community members must call out exclusionary practices and transphobia.

For years, transgender individuals have faced severely high rates of violence, discrimination and hostility in all areas of life. If our community truly believes in creating a safe world for transgender people, transphobia must be called out and addressed in all spaces — big or small.
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A group of people march in protest while holding up signs.

Documents reveal judge declared Police Review Commission’s findings in death of Kayla Moore ‘unfounded,’ siding with Berkeley police

In 2014, Berkeley’s Police Review Commission found that one officer involved in the 2013 in-custody death of Kayla Moore exercised improper police procedure. But documents recently obtained by The Daily Californian through a Public Records Act request show that a judge disagreed with the commission’s findings months later, calling its logic “fallacious.”
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