(Don’t) pass the aux cord

It was cool at the time

“Do you have anything else?” Marco, my chummy Uber driver, hadn’t meant to embarrass me. When he first handed me the aux cord and told me to blast some “dope tracks,” he thought that he was doing something fun for both of us. Had any other young adult slid into
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Flaming Lips: The Terror

The Flaming Lips have become something of a flanderized band. That is to say, much like Ned Flanders from “The Simpsons,” time has turned them into a caricature of what they once were. With each new release, this group of esoteric psychonauts becomes more exaggeratedly esoteric and psychonautical. Their 2009
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Tunes on Tuesday: Eugene McGuinness, Two Door Cinema Club, Ke$ha

What ever happened to innovative lyrics? British singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness has something to say about this in his new single “Sugarplum”, where he translates the intricate workings of his imagination into urbane, melodic poetry. Ever polished and debonair, McGuinness has composed a delightfully surreal tune full of mysterious, dreamlike word
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