A contract in question

Lower Sproul food service company comes under fire

Kevin Cheung/Sally Littlefield/File

Several years before the company Chartwells was selected to operate restaurants in the newly renovated Lower Sproul, it faced backlash from food service workers at Northeastern University for an array of alleged mistreatment.
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ASUC and UC Berkeley administration sign new agreement

The ASUC and UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly will receive an annual $250,000 starting next academic year in a new funding model outlined by a recently revised agreement between the ASUC and campus which will oversee commercial activities carried out by student government.
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ASUC Auxiliary to end lecture note service

The approach of finals week means many in Berkeley are scrambling to learn an entire semester’s worth of course material — a feat that may prove more difficult in future years thanks to the recently announced closure of the ASUC’s lecture notes service.
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Campus announces new ASUC Auxiliary executive director

Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard announced the selection of the new executive director of the ASUC Auxiliary last week. In a statement sent to members of the ASUC, Poullard welcomed current director of the Student Union and Event Services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Kelsey Finn as the
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