UC system to build biomethane plant, solar array for renewable energy

Photo of solar panels
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
As part of the UC system’s efforts to meet its 2025 carbon neutrality goal, it has partnered with Archaea Energy, LLC and Clearway Energy Group to build a biomethane facility and solar project. Operations for the project are expected to begin by 2023, with carbon neutrality being a goal for the UC system since 2007.

The UC system has partnered with two energy companies to construct a biomethane plant and solar array to help bring it closer to its carbon neutrality goal by 2025.
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Alameda’s ban on fracking may inspire other counties

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Decision to ban fracking method of oil drilling by Alameda County is mostly symbolic but solidifies county’s stance on important environmental matters

Though Alameda County’s decision to ban fracking last month was largely symbolic, it represents a crucial step in a fight to rid California of a destructive oil drilling method that affects thousands of state residents.
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