I read it on the internet

Work in Progress

On my computer, I wrote troves of poetry and metaphorical stories, burdening Microsoft Word documents with lamentations about the depression I had been dealing with since fourth grade, and about my parents divorcing. Alone in my room, symbolic pen in my hand, I began, in earnest, to cement my career as a writer.
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The 1st day of school: then and now

When you were a kid, you probably woke up energized on the first day of school. You had a new outfit all picked out, and you had even gone out shopping for it the day before. You spent hours in Office Depot or Staples looking for exactly the right folder
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Space: The only frontier

Two Steps Forward

I’ve loved science fiction since I learned the phrase. I tore through the Space Odyssey books in middle school, binged on Vonnegut for months on end and fell deeply in love with Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem.” Of course, I was enthralled by the alien landscapes and fancy weaponry, but what captured
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