Worst places to be during an earthquake

Maya Shen/Staff

Unless seismologists are just pulling a big scam to make us think their jobs are important, experts say California is overdue for a sizable earthquake. Where we’ll be during that earthquake is ultimately left to chance. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a sturdy desk or table to curl under. But
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6 places that will deliver food right to your doorstep

After walking to and from campus all day, it takes a lot of effort to walk around and search for food. Not only does it take up energy, but it also takes up time. When you’re pulling an all-nighter for that midterm the next day, every hour counts. We understand the food struggle, so
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Eating Outside the Box

When most freshmen settle into the many residence halls a block or two off Telegraph Avenue, they’ll immediately enjoy the freedom and proximity to new people that comes with dorm life. One benefit that sours quickly for new students is the dining commons buffet. In the beginning, an unlimited amount
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