Sleeping with knives

Sex on Tuesday

Brandishing a steak knife against her neck, he told her his intent to slit her throat open. He pulled out a blindfold and tied it tightly around her head.
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Episode #5: Coffee meets kink

Hard and Soft

On this episode of Hard and Soft, Chris and Josh interview Mir, the owner of Wicked Grounds, a kink cafe in San Francisco. Join us while we talk about how you can explore kink while grabbing a mocha–whether it’s in a cup or in a dog bowl. Thank you for
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Sharing is caring

When a total stranger kissed me above Sacramento grounds one summer on a rafting trip, I felt elevated — and not just by the water. This would all sound like a prelude to a typical love story if I didn’t have a boyfriend and the stranger weren’t a girl. Neither
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A never-ending Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and I have been brainstorming for costume ideas. I always tell myself that I am going to put together an awesome outfit, but most years I end up getting a pair of cat ears, wearing something black and calling it a night. This is such
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