Bundles of Bumble love


I pulled out my phone and within minutes, my iPhone had presented me with more viable dating options than I had seen in my entire time at UC Berkeley.
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Bye, losers

There’s a bench on the north side of campus, covered in graffiti and constantly surrounded by empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts and the occasional pair of underwear. It’s hidden, tucked away in a patch of trees on a detour path you’ve probably only ever taken if you don’t fear murder — or if you work for The Daily Californian, in which case you fear nothing, because you feel nothing.
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Comparing life at Clark Kerr with life at units

Housing at UC Berkeley can be overwhelming for newly admitted students. We at the Clog wish we’d had someone to break down all of UC Berkeley’s residence hall life options and tell us what life at each building would come to look like. So here’s a breakdown of myths our newly
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