Five minutes of bliss

CITY AFFAIRS: A five-minute grace period for parking violations is a win-win for all. The Berkeley City Council should adopt the proposal.

Berkeley is known for many things — a world-renowned university, the golden hills to its east and the marina on the west. The city, however, has never been considered a parking-friendly place. But drivers could be cut some slack if the Berkeley City Council approves a resolution at its Tuesday
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Community rallies in support of local swimming pool

Children, parents and senior citizens turned out to the Willard Swim Center on Sunday afternoon to advocate for reopening the local pool. Elementary school students waved signs and chanted about the pool as cars honked on the street in support during the event, which approximately 150 people attended throughout the
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CALPIRG campaigns to ban plastic bags statewide

CALPIRG used a giant signable tote bag inscribed with the pun “We are totes ready” Wednesday to help gather signatures and raise awareness for “Bag Free Week” —  part of the group’s ongoing campaign to ban plastic bags across California. The event was intended to gain signatures for a petition
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Loopholes shift burden onto taxpayers, CalPIRG report finds

The UC Berkeley chapter of CalPIRG held a tax day press conference Tuesday and addressed a recent report’s findings that state taxpayers would pay about $400 more in 2011 taxes if the burden of tax loopholes used by corporations and individuals who stash earnings overseas was divided evenly. Signs displayed by
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Faces of Berkeley: Tom Bates, city mayor

Bates places emphasis on a greener future

Seventy-four-year-old Mayor Tom Bates walks to work every day. Bates, whose hair has gone entirely gray and who recently went through knee surgery, says he would rather walk than drive a car that pollutes the environment. The mayor’s reign has been characterized by a progressively moderate council representative of a
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Study finds lack of students, ethnic diversity on city commissions

UC Berkeley students, Berkeley City Council members and commissioners met on the steps of City Hall Monday evening to discuss the findings of the Student Diversity Study conducted by members of the ASUC. The study, conducted by ASUC Senator Sydney Fang and members of her staff, outlines the disproportionate ratio
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Council member gives his first-ever ASUC executive candidate endorsements

For the first time in his 15 years as a Berkeley City Council member, Kriss Worthington has endorsed student candidates for the ASUC elections at UC Berkeley. Worthington, whose district includes the UC Berkeley campus and surrounding Southside neighborhoods, endorsed Andrew Albright, Sydney Fang and Anthony Galace, three CalSERVE executive
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Emails reveal potentially tense relationship between administration, legislators

Spokesperson relays apology from Birgeneau for remark that Skinner and Hancock 'only know how to do damage'

Recently obtained email exchanges between campus officials regarding the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protest suggest that the UC Berkeley administration may have tense feelings about the role of two state legislators in encouraging past campus protests. In a Nov. 8 email, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer wrote to
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