Big fish in a small pond

Open Season

They’ve used this knowledge as a tool to force franchises to accommodate their demands whether they like it or not. It’s undeniable that in a sport in which one player can change the entire trajectory of a franchise, they hold tremendous amounts of leverage.
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1st quarter NBA storylines

The most we can do about the Warriors is hope for an ankle sprain (or two). Otherwise, it looks like they’ll coast to their third NBA championship in four years. Even still, there are many intriguing storylines to follow, making for interesting games almost every night. The elephant in the
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Loyalty and sports

Run It Back

Loyalty in the sporting world is a cute concept. There’s something about witnessing the Derek Jeters and Kobe Bryants of the world play for their entire careers with one team through thick and thin, to see grizzled veterans hang them up for good wearing the same threads they donned as
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The Blame Game

On Sunday, the United States men’s basketball team cruised to a 96-66 victory against Serbia — whose roster featured only one current NBA player — to win its third consecutive gold medal. It’s not often that a team that goes undefeated in the Olympics will be the subject of criticism,
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