Photo of Marina Román Cantú

Call me by my (real) name

Cal in Color

It’s been only since arriving in the United States that I’ve subconsciously “Americanized” my name to suit the American English phonetic pronunciation.
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Photo of newspaper headlines

Language, power, and agency

Like many of us, my morning routine includes anxiously scrolling through the news as soon as I wake up. Lately, I’ve noticed a curious trend in how certain events are described. See, for example, this The Washington Post headline from December 2021: “A Black teen died in custody while being
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Illustration of three stylised face outlines being circled by ribbons reading "then even a curse would seem like a blessing" in English and Hindi.

Lost in language: A poem

you speak four languages. you use these words to be you. and yet you still don’t know if language empowers you? if your language and their language is the same language?   I. you have an identity crisis — or at least your lousy English makes you think you do.
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Illustration of a plate of conchas

Lost and found in translation

I know from school and dictionaries that language has defined meanings, but I learned from my experience of speaking Spanish how words also have tastes, smells, sounds and sights.
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