SuicideGirls give frisky, lively performance at The New Parish

The anti-mainstream, alternative pin-up beauty of the SuicideGirls makes them the most fitting group of women to hybridize nerdy fandom with indie-electronic striptease in their hit Blackheart Burlesque tour, a show that ditches traditional, slow-moving, genre striptease for hard-hitting dance and sci-fi seduction. Last Friday, Oakland’s New Parish stage opened
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Sex, Lies and Video Games

Sexism may be the most challenging threat to gaming industry to date

Lara Croft wears a gray tank top, khakis and combat boots. She is known for her outrageously generous bust, but since her debut in 1996’s “Tomb Raider,” her proportions have become increasingly more reasonable and her figure more conducive to exploring tombs. She’s also extremely easy to cosplay, so when
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