Avoiding a lackluster CalSO experience

When I signed up for CalSO after accepting my admission to UC Berkeley, I didn’t know what to expect because I never planned to attend the school. As weird as it may seem, I didn’t even know anything about the campus until I considered applying to the UC system. Growing
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Income inequality assymetric

It’s official: The topic of income equality is in vogue. From researchers to cable talk show hosts, from policy makers to civic leaders, it seems like everyone is talking about the economic disparities between the affluent and the low- to middle- income earners in the United States. In fact, recently,
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Just a little bit racy

Sex on Tuesday

A recurring subject among my housemates is the racial categorization of sexual preferences. My housemate once complained to me that people call her “exotic” because she is a black woman and that they often want to get with her only because she has curves. My other housemate told me he feels
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