‘If all of UC were just 100 students’ project updated to include 2020 data

Photo of Sather Gate on campus
Can Jozef Saul/Staff
A UC press release announced updates to the UC's ‘If all of UC were just 100 students’ website, a data visualization project that reimagines the UC’s 225,000 freshmen and transfer students as only 100 students.

The University of California updated its ‘If all of UC were just 100 students’ website with data from 2020, according to a Nov. 9 press release.
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telegraph avenue

Tony B. Conscious: Where art meets activism

Set on the corner of Telegraph and Durant avenues, his art sprawls all over the pavement, the colors vibrant against the otherwise bleak, gray sidewalk. Mondays through Fridays, he can be found displaying his pieces while shamelessly dancing to the music blasting from his van, greeting students with his own freestyle rhymes.
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