False kings

While Dr. King found common ground with those with whom he disagreed, Trump views athletes as tools of submission in keeping a norm that oppresses minorities.
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Reckless endangerment of a career

Run It Back

Since the Ball family’s initial rise to fame, they have been a walking media sensation, so much so that the family now has its own television show — it was the only realistic course of action given the world we inhabit after all. I’m not here to discuss my opinion
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The Good, the Bad — damn, those shoes are Ugly

I’m assuming we all know about Lonzo Ball’s new shoes. The base pair sells for $495, and the super-deluxe edition will run you over a grand for kicks that look like they belong to an over-exuberant server at Applebee’s:

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In defense of LaVar

I am usually a very calm and reasonable person. I keep my head down when others choose to engage in childish mudslinging. But I cannot let Goethals’ comments, which are an affront to the grand American Dream and the diligence of hard working people everywhere, slide.
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