Study suggests evaporation from trees cools global climate

In addition to providing shade and oxygen, a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researcher’s study published Sept. 14 in the journal Environmental Research Letters proposes that trees could help cool the planet through evaporation. According to the study, evaporated water from trees adds to low-level clouds, which reflect solar radiation back to
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Regents approve raises for UC medical executives

On Thursday the UC Regents Committee on Compensation approved compensations and salary adjustments for several high-level UC employees, including Ann Madden Rice, CEO of UC Davis Medical Center and Claire Pomeroy, vice chancellor for human health sciences at UC Davis.

Researchers develop energy-efficient window coating

UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers developed a coating material for windows that can control the amount of heat from the sun that enters a room, setting the groundwork to save energy in large commercial buildings and homes. The material — made of semiconductor nanocrystals — has the
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UC Berkeley researchers find brightest, closest supernova in years

Astronomers from UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory helped find a “holy grail” Wednesday night when they discovered a supernova relatively close to Earth. The supernova — discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory, a four-year-long survey operated from the Palomar Observatory in California — is the brightest and closest
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Berkeley Lab to hear final proposal for second campus

Since the middle of last month, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been listening to the proposals of cities stretching from Richmond to Alameda in order to decide where the lab will erect a second campus. According to lab spokesperson Jon Weiner, the proposed second campus is an effort to
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