Berkeley Lab finds commercial trucking is capable of electrification

Photo of Truck
RL Gonzalez/Creative Commons

Commercial trucking is capable of undergoing major electrification, a recent study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found.
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Elias Sebti, a UC Berkeley junior whose research is on developing better batteries

Student Research | Taking charge of battery power

Elias Sebti is a student researcher working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — a campus-affiliated, nationally funded research institution nestled up in the Berkeley Hills that is currently working toward, as one of its projects, a more sustainable lithium-ion battery.
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Here we goat again

For just a couple of weeks in early June, the hillsides surrounding Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are scattered with goats of all colors, shapes and sizes. In case you didn't get the chance to meet the goats in person, here is a collection of images showcasing this summer's antics.