Episode #5: Coffee meets kink

Hard and Soft

On this episode of Hard and Soft, Chris and Josh interview Mir, the owner of Wicked Grounds, a kink cafe in San Francisco. Join us while we talk about how you can explore kink while grabbing a mocha–whether it’s in a cup or in a dog bowl. Thank you for
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Art meets science at The Crucible in Oakland

The Crucible held an open house exhibition called “The Science of Art” on April 12 in Oakland, which raised questions about the relationship between science and art. Society tends to differentiate science and art as completely separate categories. This binary is relevant in education when budget cuts mean favoring science
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Fairly normal

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair: a multi-block assemblage of kinky bedroom props suppliers, alternative music performances, on-stage flogging and whipping, food, drinks, a women’s area and a lot-a lot-a lot of leather. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Folsom Street Fair is a leather and fetish extravaganza. While I wasn’t able
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