Death of a columnist

Worm memories

Like many of you, I’m still trying to figure out how to maintain a record of myself in a world where I can’t be seen or heard.
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Set fire to the red

I come from a long tradition of blue and gold. My grandma and grandpa were both students here; so were my great aunt and uncle; so was my cousin; so was my aunt. And even those who didn’t choose to attend Cal were still avid fans of the school — my dad in particular, a UC Davis graduate, still swore allegiance to the Golden Bears.
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Remembering Ronald Reagan 30 years later

The legacy of the Reagan administration is tainted by the Iran-Contra affair and even the controversy of Reaganomics, but I invite students here at Berkeley to look at Reagan beyond the things we already know. This was not an evil man hell-bent on destroying the Soviet Union or disregarding human rights. Reagan took great thoughtfulness in his actions as president — as both an ideological man and a man of practical compromise.
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