Welcome to Dreamland?

Doors of Perception

Because I am a basic Broadway bitch and am all about Asian representation in media, “Miss Saigon” had always been on the back of my mind to watch.
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Mother knows best

Cutting Room Floor

I knew my lines perfectly, so much that almost two years after I took my last curtain call in patchily applied stage makeup, I’m still struggling not to act them out in college.
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March Madness of Musicals

“Cabaret” would fail to ride the wave of its surprise win, losing out to the old “razzle dazzle” of 2002 Best Picture winner “Chicago” as Rob Marshall’s tale of merry murderesses made its way to the Final Four.
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To all the dreams I’ve had before

Off the Beat

When I was in seventh grade, I watched ABC Family’s “Make It Or Break It” and became obsessed with gymnastics. I was convinced that I could be the next Nastia Liukin or Shawn Johnson — all I needed to do was have a few lessons and I would totally be
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A few honest moments

Now and Again

One of the most profoundly isolating human experiences is to finish a movie in the theater and, looking to your left and then to your right, discover that you are the only person not wiping their eyes and sniffling.
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