Photo of Nicholas Clark

Freeing Britney and me


The second a gay man wears a dress, the universe explodes. So instead, queer men often focus our energy on these pop divas — the only acceptable way to express our femininity.
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Do you cuff your jeans?

Impulsive Coward

I’m afraid to come out to people not just because I fear they won’t accept me, but because I’m afraid they won’t believe me.
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Portrait of a Lauren on Fire

Off the Beat

At that age, I didn’t really know what a gay person was. I had grown up watching “The Birdcage” and “Will & Grace” with my mercifully liberal family.
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Making space for aces at Pride

For aces of all stripes, LGBTQ+ communities are often the first communities we seek out when we first start questioning our a/sexuality and realize that mainstream heterosexual spaces may not have a place for us
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