Lost foreign policy opportunities in the Middle East

It’s taken me a while to process what happened on Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya. I first heard about it from a friend in my dorm room just before a 2 p.m. class. I saw the headlines about the violence and the storming of the embassies, about the months-old anti-Islamic
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Much ado about nothing

Please, just cut it with the drama. The political drama, I mean. Cut the smart remarks, the inconsequential press releases, the irrelevant speeches, the waste-my-time-and-yours political “debate” that resembles Jerry Springer more than honest and meaningful discourse. Just quit it with the petty political theater. Last week, a video surfaced
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Can we justify their anger?

Religiously Inclined

True to form, religion has once again taken center stage in the world arena. By now, the general premise of the protests in Libya, Egypt and beyond is well known, and special attention has been given to the death of U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, a UC Berkeley graduate, here on
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On speech, censorship and Chris Stevens

The Devil's Advocate

What was it that prompted throngs of protesters across the Arab world to rise in fury against the United States? What was the impetus for the violence that left an American consulate burning, an American-run school destroyed, many injured and some dead, including UC Berkeley alumnus and ambassador to Libya Christopher
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