Berkeley COVID-19 testing sites respond to poor air quality conditions

San Pablo Park
Brian Bi/File
In light of the recent wildfires, COVID-19 testing at Berkeley's San Pablo Avenue site was put on hold due to the resulting poor air quality index, and it is still closed as of press time.

With wildfires impacting Northern California, Berkeley’s coronavirus testing facilities are attempting to keep clients safe from both the threat of virus transmission and smoke in the air.
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Number of sexually transmitted infections increases in Berkeley and across the state, report finds

Over the last five years, California has seen a 45 percent increase in incidents of three major STIs — chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. In 2017, Berkeley reported 898 cases of chlamydia, 367 cases of gonorrhea and 33 cases of syphilis, according to provisional data released by the California Department of Public Health, or CDPH. The number of cases for these three STIs is the highest Berkeley has seen since 2013.
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