Someone with plantlike body hair sitting in a lush setting.

Hair removal sustainability 101

As many people now know, sustainability can be a part of our daily lives in many ways. Although not expected, hair removal can be a simple place to change your sustainability game. You might even find a method that works better for you along the way.  Before we get into
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photo of cal id ad clipper card

How do UC Berkeley students practice sustainability?

Before we know it, back-to-school season will be here, thus bringing crowds of college students searching for dorm essentials and trying to figure out which dining hall serves the least-soggy eggs. This time around, take a more sustainable approach to the upcoming school year. The following will serve as the
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Photo of Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria

Why it’s OK to enter your villain era

Everyone is scared of doing what they truly want — especially the “bad” — or entering their “villain era,” as people may call it. But the truth is, as much as life requires us to be the hero, it also requires us to be the so-called “villain.” 
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