A hater’s plea

All in all, it’s a major improvement for sports fans, but being unable to criticize players without being perceived as anti-player, anti-labor and anti-fun is an overcorrection I remain baffled by.
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Ripples of the curse

As he swung back and forth upside-down, hundreds of feet off the ground, the Joker howled with laughter. The face-painted killer had nearly out-crazied Batman, but finally in a moment of weakness, he still spoke with that unnerving confidence and offered some of the most sage wisdom a psychopathic clown
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An artist by any other name

State of the art

Being an artist used to be something that was painfully earned. You were a painter only if you devoted your life to swirling oil and turpentine on canvas for a living. You were a musician only if you spent your nights stringing together paychecks from performing at small cafes every
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