UC Berkeley instructors discuss struggles amid online learning

At home school
Charlotte Smith/Courtesy
According to UC Berkeley School of Public Health continuing lecturer Charlotte Smith, students often do not turn their cameras on or engage in class discussions, which make it difficult for her to gauge their understanding of the course content.

Between supporting students and adapting courses during online learning, UC Berkeley instructors have faced several unique challenges this semester.
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It’s lit with Lindsay: Levitations

(A quick note on the hauls: The list of the books in the beginning is a highlight reel of the books I’ve been reading that have really seized my attention since the last installment of this blog and books I’ve purchased recently. In general, nothing on the books will be
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Lit with Lindsay: Expand the English canon

We’ve been talking about books for a while now — almost an entire semester, actually — and from column to column, we’ve circled around issues involving inclusivity in literature. We’ve been keeping it positive, I think — from learning to love “Beowulf” to embracing the hate-read, my message in writing
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