Slogans for some L&S majors

We at the Clog decided that with the many academic paths you can take at UC Berkeley, sometimes a type of categorization is necessary. Thus we crowdsourced around campus and asked people for the most popular majors that the College of Letters and Science offers — and made some memorable slogans for
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Just Kik me now

As I write this, my friend Evelyn and I are supposed to be studying political science. But grammar nerds never rest, so Congress will just have to put its problems on hold while I address a more local issue. (From what I have heard about Congress, though, I don’t think
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Life in the Matrix

FYI: There’s a new lingo in town. It’s reserved for the internet’s 733t, those who can play with abbreviations and HTML codings, no matter their a/s/l. In a few years of use, this alphabet-soup language can save you a few minutes of typing time, but most cyber-dialogists DGAF about that.
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